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The Seekers

The Legend of the Seekers!
A Seeker is a person who answers to know one but himself or herself. He or she is a law unto himself or herself. The Sword of Truth is his or hers to wield as he or she wishes, and within the limits of his own strength, he or she can hold anyone to answer for anything. A seeker does exactly as the name implies, he or she seeks the answers to things. Things of his or her own choosing. If he or she is the right person, he or she will seek the answers that will help others, not just himself or herself. The whole purpose of a seeker is to be free to quest on his or her own, to go where he or she wants, ask what he or she wants, learn what he or she wants, find answers to what he or she wants to know, and if need be, do whatever it is the answers demand. A true Seeker picks himself, and always seeks the truth.
Clan Rules

1/ Please respect everyone on the game including your fellow clan members as well
as other Battle Edge players. No profanity is to be used against any player
and no taking personal fights with other players or other clans to any forum other than
the clan forums.

2/ The clan armory is there to help us all. If you need anything, we have no problem with
helping you, but please get permission from an elder before taking anything and please
return it once you are done.

3/ No power leveling or botting will be tolerated at all! If caught you will be removed
from the clan and the Mods will be informed.

Jumping Rules

1/ No jumping in the small mine
2/ No jumping anyone more then 2 lvls below you
3/ Try to join the respect side in out of town fights.

The Seekers

Leader: Calrich
Elder: DemonicAngel
Elder: Forgotten
Elder: CydoniaKnight

The Seekers are a Clan part of the Battle Edge World. Battle Edge is and free Online RGP game created by Oleg. On Battle Edge there are many different clans and many different players. The rules are simple fight or be killed. There are many ways of lvling in the game. You can fight in the area against other players though mutliplayer battles or one on one in duels, Or if you feel brave enough, you can venture out of town and fight a variety of creatures as well as battle other players. You will find that Many of the clans have their own set of rules as we do, and there own way of fighting as we do. There are a many player builds in the game. With new things coming out all the time. On this site you will find a lot of info witch you may find useful. If you join The Seekers you will have the benefit of our knowledge, such as help with your build and answers to your questions. The most importune thing to remember in this game is to go out and have fun. Don't take things to heart respect the other player and keep in mine that you can always depend on your clan.